HERNE 2018

Unlock Visual Dissidence


Herne, Germany
8 & 9 September 2018

Publishers & artists | Programme

An exhibition and a book fair

‘Unlock: Visual Dissidence’ brings to Herne an invitation-only list of publishers and artists exploring the field where graffiti, street art and contemporary art overlap.

The event is a collaboration between the Unlock Book Fair and the Museum für Visuelle Dissidenz, a curatorial project directed by German author and curator Robert Kaltenhäuser. In cooperation with Pottporus e.V.

➔ The book fair

‘Unlock: Visual Dissidence’ kicks off with a two-day book fair featuring a select line-up of independent European publishers working with progressive forms of uncommissioned public art.

➔ The exhibition

‘Unlock: Visual Dissidence’ is also an exhibition exploring artistic approaches that push the conventions of uncomissioned public art and take it into unusual territories.

Each publisher has invited one artist from their roster to take part in this exhibition. The installation can be found at the site of the fair and will remain on view for three weeks after the fair’s closing.

Public programme

How should the exhibiting of street artworks be approached? How can publishing be used to effectively communicate these kinds of practices?

In addition to the publishers’ stalls, the book fair weekend features book launches and a series of talks enquiring into issues crucial to the evolution of graffiti and street art, with a particular focus on its most forward-thinking manifestations.

A most fitting venue

Right in the working train station of Herne! The fair, exhibition and public programme will take place at the former waiting room of Deutsche Bahn.

Join us at the Alter Wartesaal within Herne’s train station, an exceptionally fitting space for the kind of content we work with at the Unlock Book Fair and the Museum für Visuelle Dissidenz.


➔ Alter Wartesaal im Bahnhof Herne
➔ Deutsche Bahn station
➔ Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1
➔ Herne, Germany
Free entrance

Opening times

➔ Book fair: 8 & 9 September
➔ Saturday 8th, 11am–7pm
➔ Sunday 9th, 11am–6pm

➔ Exhibition: 8–30 September
➔ Thursdays, fridays and saturdays 4–8pm
➔ Sundays 2–6pm


Local fair and exhibition manager: Robert Kaltenhäuser

Unlock Visual Dissidence support
Unlock Visual Dissidence


Hitzerot Druckwerke (DE)
Guest artist: Emmett E. (DE)

Urban Script Continues (DE)
Guest artist: BWNC (International)

Museum für Visuelle Dissidenz (DE)
Guest artist: Tocka (DE)

Nokkio Institute of Zines (HU/BE)
Guest artists: Ben Brohanszky (HU/BE) and Max Postma (BE)

Träger (DE)
Guest artist: EPEMA (DE)

Stickit (NL)
Guest artist: Abcdef (DE)

Whole Train Press (IT)
Guest artist: Alex Fakso (IT)

Zugriff Magazine (DE)
Guest artist: Aris (IT)

Unlock Visual Dissidence


Saturday 8 September

➔ 1pm — Book launch

Alex Fakso (IT)
Whole Train Press (IT)
With editor Pietro Rivasi (IT)

➔ 1:30pm — Book launch

‘Tel Aviv, Israel’
Jens Besser (DE)
Urban Script Continues (DE)
With the author and publisher 

➔ 2pm — Zine launch

‘Bent Fences’
Epema (DE)
Träger (DE)
With the author and the publisher

➔ 2:30pm — Book launch

Emmett E. (DE)
Hitzerot (DE)
With the author and the publisher

➔ 4pm — Book launch

‘Delete Elite’
Ben Brohanszky (HU/BE)
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (BE)
With the author

➔ 4:30pm — Zine launch

‘For the record’
Abcdef (DE)
Stickit (NL)
With the author and the publisher

➔ 5pm — Book presentation

‘Un(Authorized) // Commissioned’
Pietro Rivasi (IT)
Whole Train Press (IT)
With the author

➔ 7:30pm — Panel discussion

‘Curating street art’

Javier Abarca (ES)
Jasper van Es (NL)
Katja Glaser (DE)
Lene ter Haar (DE)
Pietro Rivasi (IT)
Konstantin Zaika (DE)

Sunday 9 September

➔ 1pm — Panel discussion

‘Publishing street art’

Jens Besser (DE)
Ben Brohanszky (HU/BE)
Hitzerot (DE)
Robert Kaltenhäuser (DE)
Jeroen van Mourik (NL)
Träger (DE)

September 30
Exhibition finissage

➔ 4pm — Presentation

With Träger (DE)

➔ 5pm — Participatory editing

‘Zugriff, Schriften zum visuellen Ungehorsam’ (DE)
Public final editing of the magazine

➔ 6pm — Screening

‘Gigo Propaganda ist Tod’
With director Robert Szech (DE)

Unlock Book Fair