Unlock Book Fair Groningen 2022


February 5th

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The Unlock Book Fair goes local

The Netherlands is a hotspot for graffiti books and zines. This year the Unlock Book Fair lands in Groningen to welcome an invitation-only list of mostly Dutch publishers and speakers.

The fair is featured as the closing event for the museum exhibition ‘Graffiti in Groningen’, a dive into the early history of local subcultures curated by the Kladmuur Foundation.

Travel limitations are forcing us to scale-down our reach for now, so we decided to work with Kladmuur on a showcase of independent graffiti publishing from The Netherlands. With the addition of a few special guests from France and Germany.

Where and when

➔ NP3 RE:Search:Gallery
➔ Hofstraat 21
➔ 5 February 2022
➔ 11am — 6pm

A museum exhibition about graffiti history

This new Unlock Book Fair is part of the program of the exhibition ‘Graffiti in Groningen’ at the Groninger Museum, a well-known institution in graffiti circles for its pioneering exhibitions of New York subway artists.

Kladmuur is a local graffiti-rooted foundation that studies and archives Groningen’s uniquely rich graffiti history. The foundation is behind ‘Graffiti in Groningen’, a museum exhibition exploring local graffiti going back to the largely ignored punk years of the late 70’s.

The Unlock Book Fair will mark the closing of the exhibition. The fair’s public programme includes a presentation and book-signing of ‘Kladmuur, Early Days of Wall Writing, Groningen 1978–1992’, a volume collecting the historical findings of the Kladmuur Foundation.

A celebration of Dutch graffiti

The public programme of the fair features legends of Dutch graffiti like Hugo Kaagman, Mick La Rock and Pinox’82, the long-lost superstar of the punk graffiti era.

Events include the screening of exclusive video documentation of early local graffiti, and a presentation by the founders of the Dutch Graffiti Library.

The most special highlight of this year’s Unlock Book Fair will be the unveiling of a recently discovered cellar at the Groninger Museum with graffiti from four decades ago, a veritable graffiti time-capsule.


Local fair manager: Hugo Engwerda

Unlock Book Fair 2022 support


Artkitchen Amsterdam
Publishing house, NL

Chemistry Publishing
Publishing house, NL

Éditions Binks
Publishing house, FR

Éditions Terrain Vague
Publishing house, FR

Collective, NL

Le Grand Jeu
Bookstore, FR

Mick la Rock
Artist, NL

Munich Graffiti Library
Publishing house and library, DE

Mr. Graffiti
Bookstore, NL

Pauper Collective
Collective, NL

Stickit Publishing
Publishing house, NL

Woodoochild 68
Artist, NL


➔ Lectures

Hugo Kaagman
Dutch Graffiti Library
Steven Kolsteren

➔ Presentation and book signing

‘Kladmuur, Early Days of Wall Writing, Groningen 1978–1992’
With Mick la Rock, Quask and Pinox’82

➔ Live zine making

With We Zine Wel

➔ Unveiling

Cellar at the Groninger Museum with graffiti from the early 80’s

➔ Screenings

Exclusive video material of 80’s Groningen graffiti

➔ Exhibition

Luuk Bode

Unlock Book Fair