Graffitips - Unlock Book Fair

Unlock at Urban Creativity 2017

Lisbon, July 8th

➔ Street Art and Urban Creativity International Conference
➔ Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon

Unlock presents a panel about graffiti and street art publishing, intangible heritage and knowledge transfer with guest speakers Loiq and Cyop & Kaf.

Unlock’s panel at this year’s Urban Creativity explores the conference’s themes of ‘intangible heritage’ and ‘knowledge transfer’.

How can publishing help preserve graffiti and street art for future audiences to study and enjoy? What parts of the art can be preserved? Are there approaches to knowledge transfer that avoid commodification? How can the intangible parts of graffiti folklore be safeguarded?

Speaker: Loiq (France)

French illustrator Loiq recently became a sensation in the graffiti scene with ‘Graffitips’, a collection of comic panels explaining useful methodological tips for writing graffiti and getting away with it.

There is a well-established tradition of methods and techniques that constitutes a huge part of what the practice of graffiti is about. This knowledge is a key element in the intangible heritage of graffiti, and ‘Graffitips’ is an innovative and powerful approach to its preservation. Not to mention it is really fun to read.

The series was originally published online. Its first printed edition, in the shape of a 2-color risographed zine, will be unveiled at the Unlock panel. This zine is yet another example of how the internet is nurturing a new generation of fanzine publishers, bending the scene back closer to its original channels for knowledge transfer.

Speakers: Cyop & Kaf (Italy)

Italian artist duo Cyop & Kaf shun the spotlight and focus on low-key street art works that afford lesser notoriety but are held with high respect by peers and knowledgeable viewers.

The duo is known for developing their projects over long periods of time in particular neighborhoods, and for sharing the resulting documentation in carefully edited, often self-published books.

Their two most ambitious books to date, ‘Quore Spinato’ (2013) and ‘Taranto’ (2014) are examples of coherent and effectual street art publishing, in that they stay within the DIY ethos of the practice and keep a useful focus on a particular space and time.

Introducing the Unlock Showcase

➔ 6th to 8th July 2017
➔ By the gate of the lecture hall

In addition to the talks, Unlock brings to Lisbon the first pop-up appareance of the Unlock Showcase, our travelling bookstore with limited and rare material sourced from the Unlock Book Fair.

The Unlock Showcase will display and sell publications from Cyop & Kaf (IT), Loiq (FR), Bill Daniel (US), Dutch Graffiti Library (NL), No Flags (US) and Signal (US).

A wide selection of books about graffiti and street art will be offered by our guest bookstore, Ciudadano Grant from Madrid.

Both bookstores will be open during the three days of lectures of the Urban Creativity Conference.

Urban Creativity Conference

The Lisbon Street Art and Urban Creativity International Conference is the leading academic event in the field of graffiti, street art and public art research.

Every summer since its pioneering first instalment in 2014, Urban Creativity has brought together specialised scholars and researchers from all over the world to discuss art in public space.

Unlock at Urban Creativity 2017
Unlock Book Fair