Kilroys Conformity - Unlock Book Fair

Unlock at Буквоблудие

Moscow, 16 December 2017

➔ DK Delai Kulturu, Новодмитровская ул. 1

Unlock brings to Moscow a selection of graffiti publications together with a series of events with Kevin Kemter, Dumar NovYork and Javier Abarca.

Unlock has teamed up with Russian curator Vladimir Stekachyov to design a series of graffiti-related events as part of his one-day program Буквоблудие.

The events include a reading by Dumar NovYork, lectures by Kevin Kemter, Javier Abarca and Dumar NovYork, and a screening session about obscure Mexican forms of tagging with videos selected by Javier Abarca.

Our Unlock Showcase pop-up bookstore will be open throughout the day. Come by our table and discover a selection of graffiti-related publications sourced from the Unlock Book Fair. Featuring 26 publishers from 6 countries in Europe, North and South America.

Unlock events at Буквоблудие

➔ 3:40pm — Presentation

‘The Unlock project’
Javier Abarca (Director of Unlock, ES)

➔ 4:30pm — Lecture

‘Taki 183 as Bildungsroman’
Dumar NovYork (US)

➔ 6:30pm — Presentation

‘AKV Berlin’
Kevin Kemter (Publisher at AKV Berlin, DE)

➔ 7:40pm — Reading

‘Kilroy’s Conformity’
Antny Kreeg 47 (Author of the book, US)

➔ 11:00pm — Screening

‘Weird tags of Mexico’
Selected by Javier Abarca (ES)
A series of videos documenting the obscure Mexican tagging traditions of the ganchos, apañes and trepes

Featured at the Unlock Showcase

AKV Berlin (DE)
Adam Void (US)
All Kats go to Heaven (US)
В стол (V stol) (RU)
Bill Daniel (US)
Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture (US)
Boxcar Magazine (DE)
Cargocolor Magazine (DE)
Croatan Edition (FR)
Dutch Graffiti Library (NL)
Frank Fickeisen (DE)
Gossenpost Magazine (DE)
Graffitips (FR)
Guetto Fever Magazine (DE)
Guide Zine (CZ)
Klick Klack Publishing (DE)
Microcosm (US)
N.O.Madsky (DE)
No Flags (US)
Notch Eight Magazine (US)
Podpolie Magazine (DE)
Possible Books (DE)
SP Vandalismo & Escrita ABC (BR)
Seltman + Söhne (DE)
Signal Magazine (US)
Urbanario (ES)
Zugriff Magazine (DE)

Unlock Book Fair