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What Do One Million Ja Tags Signify? (Possible Books). Reading of two chapters of the book by author Dumar Novy.


The Subway Art History Project. By Dumar NovYork (JFKI, Freie University, New York / Berlin).

The trial against Keep the Faith magazine. By Marcus Barnes (London), journalist and editor.

Book launches

All City Queens. With author Syrup (London)

Banksy: Urban Art in a Material World. With author Ulrich Blanchè (Heidelberg).

Chiaroscuro. With author Cokney (Paris) and editor Thibault Choay (Classic, Paris).

Elsewhere. With author Escif (Valencia).

Firmas, Muros y Botes. With author Fernando Figueroa (Madrid).

La Gràfica del Hip Hop a Barcelona. With author David Shot (Barcelona).

Reo. With author Xesús Fraga (Galicia).

Spontaneus. With author Sam3 (Murcia) and editors Juste Ici (Besançon).

Versus. With author Albert Casanovas (Barcelona).

Magazine launches

Bombardero. Launch of new issue with editors Bellice (Seville).

Mural street art conservation. Launch of last issue with editor Elena Gayo (Spain).

Strictly Toyz. Launch of first issue with editor Jaume Gómez (Castellón).