CYOP & KAF (Italy)

Italian artist duo Cyop & Kaf shun the spotlight and focus on the kind of humble, steady work that affords lesser notoriety but is held with high respect by peers and knowledgeable viewers. They are known for long projects in particular neighborhoods, and for sharing the resulting documentation through carefully edited, often self-published books.

Their two most ambitious books to date, Quore Spinato (2013) and Taranto (2014) are examples of coherent and effectual street art publishing, in that they stay within the DIY ethos of the practice and keep a useful focus on a particular space and time.

LOIQ (France)

One recent palpable presence in the graffiti scene is the work of French illustrator Loiq. His online series Graffitips is a lively and knowledgeable collection of comic panels explaining useful tips for making graffiti. There is a well-established tradition of methods and techniques that constitutes a huge part of what the practice of graffiti is about. This knowledge is a key element in the intangible heritage of graffiti, and Graffitips is an innovative and powerful approach to its preservation.

Loiq will present his recently printed fanzine version of Graffitips, yet another example of how the internet is nurturing a new generation of fanzine publishers, bending the scene back closer to its original channels for knowledge transfer.