A panel of talks about graffiti and street art publishing
Lisbon Street Art and Urban Creativity International Conference
8th July 2017, 14h
Faculdade de Belas-Artes
Universidade de Lisboa

The Unlock Book Fair brings to Lisbon’s Urban Creativity Conference a panel about graffiti and street art publishing. The panel will explore the conference’s topics: intangible heritage and knowledge transfer.

How can publishing help preserve graffiti and street art for future audiences to study and enjoy? What parts of the art can be preserved? Are there approaches to knowledge transfer that avoid commodification? How can the intangible parts of graffiti folklore be safeguarded?

The presenters on the Unlock panel, Italian artist duo Cyop & Kaf and French illustrator Loiq (Graffitips), are known for publishing texts that push the limits of these questions.

In addition to the talks, Unlock brings to Lisbon the first edition of the Unlock Showcase, a travelling bookstore with limited and rare material from a selection of independent publishers. Our guest bookstore Ciudadano Grant will be there as well, exhibiting their wide selection of books.