Unlock Book Fair 2020 events program

Here is the events program for this year!



13h—Official Unlock print launch

By Chob THE
Printed by Medulla
With Medulla founder Davide Montorsi

15h—Book launches

Once Upon a Yard
With author and publisher Arianna Rubini

Greatest Hits
Published by King Koala
With editor Shyla N and publisher Jacopo

With author and publisher Sebastian Bühler

Spraytrains 10 Year Anniversary 2010–2020
Published by Spraytrains
With editor Chiara

By 108
With publishers Press Press


Le scritte dei pastori
By Marta Bazzanella and Giovanni Kezich
Includes the launch of the book Shepherds Who Write, edited by the speakers for BAR Publishing

20h—Book launches

Taking Over, The Book
With editors and publishers Emiliano Properzi, Edoardo Vancini, Giovanni Mazza and Michele Tomasini

Roma Subway Art
Published by Whole Train Press
With editors Mathieu Romeo and Lorenzo D’Ambra




La Vendita di Dresda by Cargobike
By Jens Besser
Includes the launch of the zine Cargo Tour de Saxe, published by Besser

14:20h—Publication launches

Manuale di calligrafia
Published by Lazy Dog Press
With co-author Luca Barcellona and art director Francesco Ceccarelli

Grafemi issue 1
With editor Andrea Ceresa

Published by ADC Spontaneous Press
With author Tony Pastello

Graffiti Minded issue 1
With editor Filippo Cantoni

Feel my emptiness
Published by Club 27
With author Andrea Rodolico and editor Pietro de Cillia