Do not miss the following highlights from this year’s events program!

scritte dei pastori

Le scritte dei pastori
Saturday 17h

From 1550 to 1950, lone shepherds left thousands of adorned signatures at the highest tracks of the Val di Fiemme (Italian Alps). Many of the marks survive in perfect shape.

Marta Bazzanella and Giovanni Kezich, from the Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente Trentina, will share their research on this fascinating topic at the Unlock Book Fair.

The lecture includes the launch of the book Shepherds Who Write, a collection of texts about European pastoral graffiti from ancient to modern times. Edited by the speakers for BAR Publishing.

Greatest Hits
Book launch
Saturday afternoon

Published by Milan imprint King Koala, this three-volume set collects graffiti by highly respected Italian style masters from different generations. Each volume focuses on a different topic – trains, illegal pieceing, and throw-ups, with a common emphasis on style. A deliberate stance in a time when quantity seems the prevalent value for many in the scene.

Eleven writers have contributed to the book, while the title lettering is signed by Italian street bombing and rap legend Noyz. Join editor Shyla N and publisher Jacopo at the official launch of the book, next Saturday at the Unlock Book Fair.


Magazine launch
Sunday afternoon

Published by Andrea Ceresa, Grafemi is a unique publication featuring cutting-edge handstyles from five European masters – 2Luks, Guano, Ifdef, Peach and Zee.

The publication reflects on graffiti as a school of calligraphy, and on how it relates with the handwriting taught in children’s schools. While the latter enforces order, the former enjoys going over the line. One is conceived to convey clear messages, the other is gleefully lacking of any content. A graffiti name is thus not really a word, maybe just a grapheme (grafemi).

Grafemi is printed on Pigna brand calligraphy copybooks, a beloved standard in Italian schools. The editor sought the sponsorship of Pigna, but only got finished, stapled copybooks. He un-stapled the books one by one, had the sheets printed on, then re-stapled them together. A true work of handcrafted publishing!

The cover illustration –signed by Angelo Licciardello– is printed on the back, so the original cover of the copy book remains intact. Cover available in 12 different solid colors.