Tramp Directories, Noms-de-Road, and Unwritten Codes

Tramp directories - Unlock Book Fair 2017

The reader book we produced for last year’s fair is now available for online purchase. This unprecedented publication brings to light the most unknown and fascinating graffiti culture to have existed: the hobo graffiti from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Tramp Directories… features excerpts from novels by North American authors Jack London and Leon Ray Livingston – better known by his moniker “A-No.1”, ubiquitous in the railroad landscape of that era. Both authors recounted in their writings their experiences as hobos and prolific taggers, and describe the fascinating and complex transient culture of the hobos.

The book features also illustrations taken from A-No.1’s books, newspaper clippings from the time describing his graffiti feats, and images taken from a mind-blowing and groundbreaking collection recently rescued from the trash: a series of gorgeous photographs and 16mm footage taken in 1969 capturing tags from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. The marks were carved on a wooden trackside shack in California by Jack London himself, by A-No.1, and by several hobos mentioned in London’s texts.

Published by Urbanario in 2017.
Edited by Javier Abarca, Thomas Chambers and Susan Phillips.
10×15 cm, 184 pages, b/w.
Price: 15€ plus shipping costs.
Place your order at the publisher’s website (sent from central Spain) or at the online bookstore Hitzerot (sent from Berlin).

Tramp directories - Unlock Book Fair 2017

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