Book launch
Roma Subway Art
Published by Whole Train Press

This groundbreaking book is published by Itailan imprint Whole Train Press, an institution in European graffiti publishing.

The pillar and soul of the publishing house has so far been his founder Domenico “Ryo” de Girolamo, who sadly passed away recently. A generous and beloved figure in the scene, Domenico worked with many influential writers in books that turned milestones, and is truly missed.

Throughout its decade-long existence, Whole Train Press has developed a distinctive focus –a mix of art-quality monographs of writers, books on the history of the culture, narrative and critique– and has played a key role in the evolution of graffiti publishing in Europe.

The latest product of the imprint is Roma Subway Art, a highly-anticipated volume covering decades of graffiti on one of the most iconic subway systems for the worldwide writing community – starting with the very first, unpublished pieces.

The book is the result of the hard work and passion of legendary Rome-based writer Mathieu AKA Trota, designer Lorenzo D’Ambra and Domenico de Girolamo himself, and is destined to become an instant classic for connoisseurs worldwide.

Unlock is honoured to host the launch of the book with the presence of Domenico de Girolamo’s close relatives, this coming Saturday at the fair.

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Book launch
Manuale di Calligrafia
Published by Lazy Dog Press

Graffiti handstyles are a fascinating calligraphic tradition, and it comes as no surprise to find skilled writers developing careers in the field of calligraphy. Milano’s own celebrity calligrapher Luca Barcellona is a good example of this, and we are delighted to host a presentation of the latest publishing project he has been involved in, the milestone book Manuale di Calligrafia.

Edited by the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana, the volume is both a reference book and a learning manual, and was produced in response to the growing interest in the discipline especially among young people worldwide. It contains examples of calligraphy models by internationally renowned calligraphers, in addition to texts by Luca Barcellona, Francesca Biasetton and Anna Ronchi.

Join co-author Luca Barcellona and art director Francesco Ceccarelli for a talk about Manuale di Calligrafia this coming Sunday at the fair.

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taking over the book

Book launch
Taking Over: The Book

Taking Over was an influential fanzine published by Italian graffiti king Repo, who recently passed away. Repo was also an accomplished layout artist, and launched his project at the start of the century as a humble, xeroxed A5 zine with the unique approach of making it a free publication.

The zine was bombing-oriented, featuring only raw graffiti on trains and walls. Its quality and charisma earned the project widespread recognition, which lead to Milan-based company taking it under its wing. The zine then became more professional –larger run, more reliable and wider distribution– but kept its focus on the wilder side of writing.

A group of friends of the artist have produced Taking Over: The Book as a homage to Repo’s work and influence. The volume features full facsimile reproductions of all the issues of the fanzine, plus unpublished images of graffiti by Repo. have supported the production of the book in order to have it ready for this year’s Unlock Book Fair. We are honoured to host its launch this coming Saturday evening as one of the highlights of our events program. With the presence of editors and publishers Emiliano Properzi, Edoardo Vancini, Giovanni Mazza and Michele Tomasini.

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