Events will take place in the same venue as the book fair: ExRotaprint, Gottschedstr. 4.


12:00—Lecture: Academic Publishing on Street Art. Pedro Soares (PT).
12:15—Book launch: Graffiti Photographers United. With editor Peter Stelzig (DE) and co-author Peter White (DE).
12:30—Lecture: New Train Romantics, Hobo and Interrailer Cultures. Jens Besser (DE).

16:00—Book launch: Tramp Directories, Noms-de-Road, and Unwritten Codes. With editors Susan Phillips (US), Thomas Chambers (UK) and Javier Abarca (ES).
16:15—Book launch: Kilroy’s Conformity. With author Antny Kreeg 47 (US/DE).
16:30Magazine launch: Street Spirit issue 2. With co-editor Zosen (ES).
16:45 Fanzine launch: Brazilian Handstyles. With co-editor São Paulo Vandalismo (BR).

17:00–Book launch: Padiglione in Movimento Part I. With editor Jens Besser (DE).
17:15Fanzine launch: Graffitips. With author Loiq (FR).
17:30—Book launch: Trepes… las Cochinadas de Tijuana. With Dumar Novy (US/DE).

18:30—Live performance: Style Wars recited. A read through of five scenes from the film Style Wars by a troupe of professional actors.
18:45—Live performance: Hobo songs sing-along. With Dumar Novy (US/DE).


12:00—Project presentation: The Martha Cooper Library. With director Christian Omodeo (IT/FR).
12:15—Book launch: Intime Errance Cataphilé. With author Psyckoze (FR).
12:30—Lecture: Hobo Graffiti Lost and Found. Susan Phillips (US).

16:00Book launch: Subterraneans. With author Enrique Escandell (ES).
16:15—Book launch: The history of Graffiti in Greece, vol I and II. With co-editor Orestis Pangalos (GR).
16:30Lecture: Trainspotting. Carlo McCormick (US).

17:00—Project launch: ABCD, a collaborative database of graffiti and street art publications. With founder Christian Omodeo (IT/FR).
17:15—Reading: Immortal Dead soon 4. By author Kevin Kemter (DE).
17:30—Book launch: Wild Graphics, half a century of visual street diversion in Poland 1967–2017. With co-author Tomasz Sikorski.

19:00—Live performance: Zeybreak. With dancer and calligrapher Kadir “Amigo” Memis (DE) and baglama player Haydar Kutluer (TR).