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“Tramp Directories, Noms-de-Road and Unwritten Codes” – a companion book to the 2017 Unlock Book Fair

We are excited to announce Tramp Directories, Noms-de-Road and Unwritten Codes, the book we have been working on in the last months to be launched as part of this year’s fair. It will be the first look into hobo graffiti and culture from the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, an era of hobo graffiti few people knew existed.

This book is the highlight of our year’s topic, “North American railroad cultures”. Recently unearthed, groundbreaking photographic and film documentation of late 19th Century hobo graffiti will be unveiled. Don’t miss our Unlock Showcase stall featuring a selection of obscure publications on the topic, brought from across the Atlantic with the help of Bombing Science.

Tramp directories

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The last copies of “Pixação: São Paulo Signature” available at Unlock

Pixação: São Paulo Signature was published ten years ago. It was the first book about the then barely known pixação culture of São Paulo. Its author is French typographer and architect François Chastanet.

The book has since become a collectors item, long-discontinued, and demanding high prices on online bookstores. Chastanet is in Berlin to take part in the TAG Conference, and also to exhibit his published books at Unlock Book Fair 2017. He is bringing several copies of São Paulo Signature to his stall at the fair. The books will be for sale at their original price, 30€. Don’t miss it!

Pixação São Paulo Signature

Pixação São Paulo Signature

Pixação São Paulo Signature

Pixação São Paulo Signature

Pixação São Paulo Signature


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Invited publisher: Terrain Vague

Exclusive for the Unlock Book Fair 2017! Two freshly released books from Editions Terrain Vague (Paris) will be first available at the fair: the english version of Dialogues by Alexandre “Mosa” Bavard and The infancy of art by Gues and WXYZ.

Dialogues: Alexandre Bavard, AKA Mosa, engages in four dialogues to better define his protean artistic approach. The artist talks to Christine Tsouladzé, his mother, Jacques Bavard, his father, Bernard Fontaine, author of books on urban art, and Manuel Morin from P38 gallery.

The infancy of art: WXYZ and Gues decided to reconnect with the roots of graffiti by engaging in a graphic dialogue with several children from seven to twelve. The boundaries between the ages, between drawing and writing, fade away to invent new repertoires of forms in colorful compositions with several hands that this book reproduces faithfully.


gues SDK


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Zine launch: Graffitips

French artist Loiq recently broke into the scene with Graffitips, a series of humorous and detailed illustrations about graffiti’s secret and invisible methodology.

We are proud to announce, the printed version of Graffitips will have its german launch at Unlock Book Fair 2017. Loiq’s presentation at Unlock Talks Lisbon 2017 was nothing short of brilliant, expect a highly entertaining and insightful talk in Berlin.

Check out Loiq’s work here:






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Book launch: Padiglione in Movimento

Among the publication launches at Unlock Book Fair 2017 is Padiglione in Movimento – Part I.

It documents the the Moving Pavilion project, a series of uncommissioned artworks by international artists painted on trains running into the Venice train station during the starting week of the Venice Biennale 2017.

Artist and curator Jens Besser (DE) gained access to the top secret materials and produced the publication.

See the full program of events here.

padiglione in movimento

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Unlock welcomes you to the Tag Conference

The Unlock Book Fair is produced in close partnership with the TAG Conference, the first academic conference about name writing, or tagging. The conference will take place at Freie Universität on September 14th and 15th, right before the fair, and will feature contributions from highly respected scholars, authors and artists. Entrance to the lectures is free.


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The Unlock Showcase brings you North American railroad cultures

One of the highlights of the Unlock Book Fair is the Unlock Showcase, a bookstore offering limited and rare publications. This year the focus of the fair is on North American railroad cultures, and the Showcase will display a fascinating selection of independent and obscure North American publications on the topic.

For this year’s Showcase we have the help of Bombing Science, whose team is taking care of the overseas shipment logistics from their Canadian headquarters.

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