Unlock Book Fair 2018

Unlock Book Fair 2018



12:30 to 14h—Book signing
A Paper Book (NL)
With author Boris Tellegen aka Delta INC

13h—Book presentations

Amsterdam On Tour, the early signs of Dutch graffiti
(Out in March 2019)
With editor Again (NL)

Disz: The first Dutch writer bombing the New York City subway
Dutch Graffiti Library (NL)
With editors Dutch Graffiti Library

13:40—Book launches

Nuart Journal n°1
Nuart (NO)
With editors Martyn Reed and Susan Hansen (UK)

Punk files
Cultclub/ArtKitchen (NL)
With author Hugo Kaagman (NL)

Punk Graffiti Archives
Urbanario (ES)
With editors Javier Abarca (ES) and Thomas Chambers (UK)

Zar Zip Fly Zoro
Click Clack Publishing (DE)
With editors Click Clack Publishing


Jens Besser (DE)
Viva Muralismo Morte, old & new publications about contemporary muralism in abandoned architectures

Hugo Kaagman (NL)
From tags to stencils

Carlo McCormick (US)
Hybridity is not for purists: How punk and hip hop had sex on the NYC dance floor

Diana Ozon (NL)
Dr. Rat and I, an inside story on a life-long friendship of kids tagging the streets of Amsterdam


Mi firma en las paredes
1990, RTVE (ES), 50′

Gallerie Anus Student Film (excerpts)
1979, unknown author (NL), 23′
Footage from Diana Ozon’s archive

Surprise screening
1980, NL, 19′

19h—Poetry readings

Laser 3.14 (NL)
Diana Ozon (NL)


13h—Book launches

Trainwriting in Belarus (2002–2007)
Podpolie Books (DE/BY)
With editor Ilya Bodunov (BY)

L’eunuque Décapité and Terre en Vue
Terrain Vague (FR)
With editors Terrain Vague

Then He Decided to Cross the Tracks
Urban Script Continues (DE) and Oxymoron Gallery (AT)
With author Jens Besser (DE)

14h—Book launches

The Horse Diaries
Stickit (NL)
With publisher Jeroen van Mourik (NL) and author Willehad Eilers (DE)

Steen zine set
Stickit (NL)
With author Jeroen van Mourik (NL)

Roots, branches, offshoots
Trafo Gallery (CZ)
With author author Epos257 (CZ)

With author Nicolas Dolto aka Esso PAL (FR)

Hitzerot (DE)
With author Emmett E. (DE)

Unlock Book Fair 2018


FRIDAY 7, 20–23h

Bomber Megazine (NL) 30th Anniversary Issue launch party
DJ sets: Mr. 13011113 and DJ Bite
Sneak preview of Disposable, a photographic exhibition and book project from Bomber Megazine curated by Bomber Johan and Jasper van Es

SATURDAY 8, 20–01h

20h DJ set: DJ Strychnine
22:30 Live band: Viscera
23:30 DJ set: CaptainSpank

Unlock Book Fair 2018