about Unlock

The Unlock Book Fair is the annual meeting of the international graffiti and street art publishing scene, with four instalments so far in Barcelona (2016), Berlin (2017), Amsterdam (2018) and Cologne (2019). In addition to the main fair, offshoot Unlock events have taken place in Lisbon (2017), Besançon (France, 2018) and Herne (Germany, 2018).

The Unlock Showcase is a travelling bookstore featuring a selection of publications from the fair. It has so far traveled to Lisbon, Moscow, London, Tartu (Estonia), Besançon (France), Vienna, Herne (Germany), Cáceres (Spain), Málaga, Madrid, Aberdeen (Scotland), Lund (Sweden), Kassel, Monterrey (México), México City and Manchester. Different institutions have acquired publications from the Showcase for their collections, including the Library of the Fine Arts Faculty of the Complutense University (Madrid), the Urban Art Archive (Cologne), and the Polo Bibliotecario Modenese (Modena, Italy).

Contact: info@unlockfair.com

Founder and director
Javier Abarca – Spain

Core team Modena 2020
Pietro Rivasi – Modena
Elia Mazzotti – Modena

Core team Cologne 2019
Georg Barringhaus – Cologne
Margrit Miebach – Cologne

Core team Amsterdam 2018
Jasper van Es – Eindhoven
Robin Vermeulen – Amsterdam
Thomas Chambers – London

Core team Berlin 2017
Dumar NovYork – NYC / Berlin
Thomas Chambers – London
Akim – Berlin
Irene Moratinos – Spain

Core team Barcelona 2016
Difusor – Barcelona
Alexandra Sol – Barcelona
Irene Moratinos – Spain
Akim – Berlin
Rocco Berger – Berlin