Unlock Book Fair

The full lineup of exhibitors and the events program for the 2019 Unlock Book Fair is now online at unlockfair.com. We are once more proud to gather a good part of the most cutting edge independent publishers of the European graffiti and street art scene. Like every year, we have projects that hail from other continents as well – this time we are happy to welcome Insomnia, the first graffiti magazine from Israel, and US publishing house Cut in the Fence, co-directed by Adam Void, who will give a lecture about the project.

Among the many old and new friends joining this unique gathering, we are most honoured to host the launch of two particularly ambitious and long-awaited projects. One is Boulevard magazine, edited by the German authors and curators Robert Kaltenhäuser and Harald Hinz. In its first issue, Boulevard features a collection of interesting articles from past years, originally published in different languages and now finally translated into English. The second groundbreaking contribution is Grintz, directed by Paris-based curator Christian Omodeo, a collaborative online database for graffiti and street art publications that is sure to change the game for aficionados across the world.

boulevard issue 1 2019

The list of highlights in the fair’s events program includes a reading by UK author Carl Cattermole from his highly-entertaining book Prisonism (Penguin 2019) –whose first printing sold out in two weeks–, a dance performance by Turkish-German calligrapher and choreographer Kadir ‘Amigo’ Memis, and the screening of the film Inside the gancheros meeting, a rare look into the obscure “ganchos” tagging culture of Monterrey, México.

The book fair and accompanying events will take place outdoors, with the street blocked to car traffic for the whole weekend. We will be surrounded by many other events from the program of CityLeaks Festival –our host for 2019– including music until at least 1AM. To warm up the event, on the Friday before the fair we will celebrate with a party at Dedicated Store, the hub of the local graffiti scene.

Check the full program at unlockfair.com!

The CityLeaks team working on the festival’s venue for 2019